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Hand Spinning Wool in TurkeyEphesus, Turkey
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At Temple Rugs we specialise in rugs, kilims and related textiles woven with hand spun wool and natural dyes. The combination of hand spun wool and natural plant dyes produces a beautiful eco friendly product that is much better for the environment, the weavers and the buyer. Visit our Rug Gallery
Our unique small group tours to Turkey and Morocco (8 to 12 travellers) offer a rich and rewarding experience, venturing into the fascinating history and culture of these fabulous destinations. Since 1993 we have built up a network of highly qualified friends & colleagues who help make the tours so special.

Dates: 16 APR - 3 MAY 2020 (18 days & 17 nights in Morocco)

This unique tour is limited to 10 people, which is more like travelling with a group of friends.

The tour offers a fascinating in-depth look into this exotic and colourful country. Visits include the impressive Hassan 11 Mosque and Rick’s Café in Casablanca, the legendary Royal Cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakech, and in four-wheel-drive vehicles we explore the awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains with their spectacular high passes, incredible geological formations and lush green valleys.

An exclusive highlight is the two days and nights spent in the mountain village of Amassine where we are able to observe traditional Berber life and experience the ancient crafts of rug weaving and natural dyeing now revived by the Ait Khozema Project.

We stay in good quality hotels, beautiful riads and the Project village house in Amassine. Along the way we visit old souks including the famous Jemaa el Fna, kasbahs and medinas and taste the local cuisine. Our guide throughout the tour is Professor Wilfried Stanzer, founder of the Ait Khozema Project and highly regarded expert on Moroccan history, art and culture.

"Terry, most of all we want to thank you and Wilfred for such an amazing experience. It is certainly one of my favourite holidays and the memories will stay with us forever."

~ Lorraine Gersinich and Derek Nash (Shenton Park WA) Morocco Tour, September 2018

Atlas Mountains Royal Cities & the Ait Khozema Project

Dates: 16 APR - 3 MAY 2020 (18 days & 17 nights in Morocco)

Tour price: $8150 (land content)

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