“For us, as first time ‘tour group’ people we can’t speak highly enough of this trip. Thoughtfully organised by Pam and Terry for maximum enjoyment and a fascinating insight into Turkey. Plenty of free time, great company, interesting experiences.”

Margaret and Rob Andrew – WA

“It was a unique experience as a traveller to appreciate the many aspects of Turkish life – wonderful scenery, ancient ruins, great food, village life, carpets, shopping in the Grand Bazaar, textiles – and a reasonable amount of time out to absorb everything. I never at any stage felt like a tourist. The time I enjoyed most was the great privilege I felt when visiting the villages and being welcomed into the lives and homes of the villagers.”

Margaret O’Keefe – South Australia

“The tour exceeded our high expectations. It was wonderful, and excellent value for money. We enjoyed everything, but the DOBAG villages were a highlight. The thoughtful care by Pam, Terry and our guide was also excellent. We hope you take other tours so more people can have experiences like ours. Thank you very much.

Eric and Jill Lawson – WA

“Every day was an amazing adventure through Turkey’s multifaceted culture, history, geography and social customs. Our guide made the adventure come alive, and the people, especially the villagers were so kind and welcoming. Thank you, Pam and Terry, for an unforgettable tour. Your leadership and planning for all tastes was flawless.”

Sandra and Ian Hocking – WA

“A wonderful experience. The Turkish people we met were friendly, generous and kind. A beautiful, interesting country and an incredibly well planned and exciting tour.”

Ann Enderby – NSW

“A truly remarkable holiday. Delight after delight. A surprise every day. The help and courteous attention we received from all was heart-warming. It was a holiday we both absolutely enjoyed.”

Maurice and Muriel Ferri – WA

“The tour was one of the most enriching and enlightening tours I have ever undertaken. It was very well organised and gave us all an understanding of the diverse nature of Turkish society. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Rae Metcalf – WA

“What an amazing adventure through Turkey with Pam and Terry’s faultless leadership. I loved every minute of it and would go again in a heartbeat. Thank you once again for such a special trip. Your attention to detail and easy-going companionship made the tour very personalised for me. Can’t wait til you organise an eastern Turkey trip. Count me in!”

Anne Cunneen – WA

“These were the most memorable, informative and enjoyable three weeks of our lives. Every day was a new delight with so many experiences.”

Errol and Leonie Kirke – WA

“A wonderful taste of Turkey, meticulously planned with infinite variety and filled with new experiences every day.”

Bruce and Beryl Barblett – WA

“A truly remarkable and unique experience that surpassed all our expectations. Meeting the weavers and their families in the DOBAG villages made the tour really meaningful and memorable. A wonderful Turkish delight! Don’t miss out!”

Herbert and Pauline Yeo – WA

“I was lucky enough to be a part of the first tour in 2002 and it was so interesting and enjoyable I hoped to be able to go again. This time (2006) was as good if not better. At no stage did I think ‘Ho hum, I’ve already been there’. Instead it was ‘Oh good’ we’re going back there again”. Once again the highlights were the DOBAG villages. There is nothing to compare. Don’t hesitate to go if you can.”

Reggie Lamb – WA

“Here I am mooning into the distance – reliving the village people – the atmosphere – the terrain – the food – the carpets – the colours – oh what a trip! I can only thank you both once again."

Jill Hoffmann – WA (2002trip)

“I think your tour, Pam and Terry, is 110%. Your care for us all is special.”

Jill Hoffmann – WA (2005 trip)

“Thank you for your excellent leadership and perfectly planned and executed tour. I particularly enjoyed the archaeological experiences, the well mixed group, the historical and cultural content and the DOBAG villages experience. Even the unexpected was delightful. I would return to Turkey anytime.”

Angela Skinner – WA

Fantastic! We learned so much about every facet of life in Turkey; history too! An excellent exposure to Turkish culture, the tour surpassed our expectations. We particularly loved the time spent in the DOBAG weaving villages.”

Jan and John James - WA